WWI era U.S. gas mask set with heavy personalization.  This mask set is fairly complete with the mask, filter, and inspection card.  In typical condition for these old masks.  The mask is dry and missing the flapper in the snout piece.  The hose is mostly intact, but again, dryness to the rubber inner tube.  The filter is mostly free of rust and has typical paint loss.  The inspection card is complete with instructions and the repair items.  The carrier is what makes this set.  It has been personalized by the original owner, William E. Schade.  There is a large, hand drawn in pen, flying eagle decoration, and his name in pen.  Later, he worked on it a second time, adding HQCO 1753955 and his name again using a stencil.  In addition he has added the moniker “My Pal” to the carrier and the insignia of the 78th Infantry Division.