Offered is the fabulous World War One uniform grouping.  This ensemble is named to Murray V. Bell, who served in the “B” Battery,  318th Field Artillery Regiment, of the 80th Infantry Division, American Expeditionary Forces.  This lot includes Bell’s tunic and trousers, overseas cap, puttees, waist belt, and both a cotton and wool service shirt.  Also included are 3 panoramic photos of this particular unit and one other (possibly he was reassigned at some point).  One photo has a major fracture through it, and all are quite curled as these 100 year old panoramic photos often are. The lot is finished up with period postcard to a family member, Bell’s dog tags and shaving mirror, and what appears to be a piece to an old cameo photo cover.  It was found in the pocket, so we show it.  In terms of condition, all the uniform items are impressive.  Very minor mothing here and there, but the articles are extremely well preserved.  There is one loose tunic button in one of the pockets, and one epaulet button is missing. The shaving mirror is trapped in the cover pouch, which has shrunk over the decades.