We are thrilled to be able to offer such a rare and historic piece.  This enlisted tunic and helmet shell are for a member of the U.S. 372nd Infantry regiment.  The 372nd Infantry regiment was a part of the U.S. 93rd infantry division, a segregated unit comprised of African-American rank and file and white officers.  However in WW1, the 93rd did not fight a s contiguous unit.  The 372nd regiment was allocated to the French 157th Infantry Division “Red Hand Division” and was under French command.  The helmet is just the shell, with the felt pad intact.  It still carries a nice “Bloody Hand” insignia.  The tunic is in excellent condition with a hole just in front of the right (when worn) epaulet.  It carries the rank 0f  an infantry corporal and carries a blue Adrian helmet shoulder insignia.  The tunic does have a name tag, but so far, we have not been able to make anything out from the old, fountain pen writing.