We picked up this interesting WWI tunic a few years ago.  It comes out of Nashville, TN.  It is stunner in terms of color, being cut in a bright and fuzzy French wool.  It is initialed “RS”, but not fully named.  What is also stunning about this tunic is the size. It is the largest U.S tunic from this era that I have ever handled, and is sure to fit virtually any mannequin or torso you can find.  The 30th division patch seems most likely to be original, however the buttons have certainly been added at some point in it’s life.  They are rather amateurishly sewn. Possibly soldier done to replace some plain French buttons that may have been on it when manufactured… or it is collector done later.  I was going to complete it and collected up the rank, overseas, and discharge chevrons, but have never added them.  A rare, very large sized specimen for your consideration.