Not an item we typically chase, but it was in a lot with a couple of World War II items we recently picked up.  This book is titled “The Lost Cause” by Edward A. Pollard and represents the first history of the Civil War from the Southern perceptive.  It also represents the first time the phrase “The Lost Cause” was used.  I am not an antique book dealer.  I can say that this 150 year old volume is in good condition.  (Hell, it was 100 years old before I was even born).  There are no missing pages and the binding remains intact.  Scattered discoloration to the cover and some loss of the gilt cover details.  The book contains printed engravings of prominent Confederate politicians and generals in composite images and large singles of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Joseph Johnson.  This book was in a smoker’s home and smells as one would expect.  It could benefit from a good airing out.