Offered is this very interesting telogrieka.  This specimen is of the long length, fall collar variety.  It has no half belt in the rear, a 4 button front with additional collar button strap.  This was acquired with  no buttons, so these were replaced by me. The exterior is in a typical Soviet olive heather with a dark grey interior.  Of note, is the black collar.  It is hard to tell if it was factory made this way, or if it has been skillfully repaired.  Base on my source for this, it is a German POW wear home item.  However, it is not the more typical black, dark grey, or blue fabric that most all others are rendered in.  There are initials “CAM” stitched into the lower part of the liner.  This one is unique to my experience.  I have never seen another one like this, black collar on green that is.