The classic Soviet winter wear with a twist. This short waist telogreika in black cotton fabric is one variation of the jacket issued to German POWs held in the Soviet Union. These jackets exist in both short cut, collarless types (as this one once was), and in a longer cut style with a fall collar. These are seen in black, gray, and blue colors and are basically Soviet utilitarian worker’s clothes. Like this one, many of these were worn home in the 1950’s when the German POWs were released from captivity. This one has been customized by a former owner. As this jacket was originally without a collar, a large fall collar has been added in a soft black fleece material. Other modifications include the removal of the take up belt across the lower back and the cuff closures have been sewn shut. This jacket is a five button front, one of which is missing and one original button is replaced. However three of the original jacket buttons are present. These are in the same construction style as Soviet military buttons, but lack the Soviet national symbol on the button faces. This example is in exceptionally good condition