Here is a tough item for the RKKA collector or reenactor to locate.   This is a wartime, wooden cased TAI-43 model field telephone.  U.S. Lend-Lease  supplied field phones are fairly easy to come by.  However, Soviet phones are quite difficult.  This phone is in fabulous condition.  The wooden case has typical repaint to the exterior, but remains solid, with intact hinges and latches, as well as the small cable door on the front.  The Bakelite hand set is complete with the original cable and plug, and is in great condition.  Only a minor chip to the call button and a small split in the rubber strain relief where the cable meets the handset .  Inside the case lid is the original nomenclature, circuit diagram, and the hand crank.  The phone is finished off with the original web shoulder strap, complete with the buckle and both original sliding keepers.   This phone was being functionally used as a collector’s novelty in the home of the last collector/owner.  It has postwar Czech speaker and microphone in the handset.