In the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, the LMZ factory converted a number of left-over Ssh-39 shells to accept the 3-pad liner system of the Ssh-40.  These helmets retain the 3 rivet external look of the Ssh-39, but have the 3-pad liner system on the interior fitted by means of a long, T- shaped hanger bracket to mount the front two pads.  The design located these two pads further back in the shell than a proper Ssh-40 and the result was a helmet that was not stable on the head.  As such, most of these helmets are stamped on the interior for “Training”

This example has a large percentage of the factory paint.  The interior has an intact 3-pad liner system and the original drawstring.  It is stamped with the postwar, stylized, LMZ “Spider” stamp, size 2 and dated 1949.   This chinstrap on this helmet is one that is found quite often on these hybrid helmets and unique to them.  It is a narrow, 17mm chinstrap with a narrow set metal termination on the end.  Dimensionally, it is the same as that found on the final, 1941 LMZ production Ssh-39.  However, these straps have a dark, sage green color which is unlike the wartime production.  However, once used and faded, they are hard to distinguish.  These are interesting helmets in the lineage of Soviet helmet production.