Here is a rather interesting Ssh-39 helmet for your consideration.  This helmet started off as an archetype LMZ Ssh-39.  This helmet has the original factory green paint, factory chinstrap with metal termination, and the original factory installed liner band.  At some point, this helmet received a new liner construct that is associated with helmets relined during the Leningrad blockade, and small workshops elsewhere according the the Karabanov book.  This black finger portion of new liner, however, is made from the same geometric patterned black synthetic seen in other wartime Soviet liner components.  it is the underside that give it away as a repaired helmet.  The shell is also marked LMZ-40 in a rather uncommon font style of stamp.  The clue here is the “L”.  The configuration is typical of LMZ stamps of this period, but the serif styled font seen in this stamp is not.  (Please note that the contrast is quite high in the stamp photos. accounting for the garish green and high contrast to the stamp.)

Finally, this helmet was white over painted at some point and has been largely scratched off, leaving paint down in all the prior scratches, nooks, and crannies.   Given the degree of postwar use, film use, etc. of such helmets, there is no way to determine when this finish was applied and removed.  It gives a very nice ex-winter camo look, but there is a cloud of uncertainty surrounding this and any alleged winter camouflaged Red Army helmet.