Offer is this amazing jacket and trouser pair.  After a nearly two year drought, we recently scored the wartime telogreika and vatni sharovari set out of the German woodwork.  Soiled, but in great condition overall, this pair offers the collector a change at the classic winter look of the Red Army.  The telogrieka shows the signature wartime construction and material make up.  This jacket is missing one cuff button, but the up side is that all the buttons that are on it are the factory original composite buttons.   There is some uneven fading from storage, but this is a solid specimen of this classic Red Army jacket.   The interior is devoid of any markings.

The trousers will not disappoint either.   Again, signature wartime construction.  In this case, a low cut waist and no knee reinforcements, which is indicative of the earlier and mid-war years.  This pair of trousers has all the original factory buttons and both ankle ties intact.   The suspender buttons have been added, and are of German origins.  Interior of the trousers is stamped with a factory mark and are sized “3”.  No visible date.

Finding these items outside of the militaria market has grown near impossible.  This is an opportunity to add a great winter set to your collection.