Reduced Price!

Offered is this 100% original Soviet camouflage suit consisting of a smock with integral mittons and trousers in factory new condition.  If you are versed in the various versions of this type Soviet clothing, you know that these over garments were made in an extremely light weight cotton fabric.  Almost linen like. The Amoeba over print should show 90% or more bleed through to the inside.  This suit certainly satisfies those criteria.   This suit comes from an old Japanese collection that was dissolved a number of years ago, and was part of a lot that included a pair of summer suits in similar condition.  The condition being, unissued, factory new with the issue pouch in matching material included.  All the buttons are present, as are all the cuff ties, and the face veil.  There is one small tear in the fabric that appears to be from the material getting jammed in the feed dog of the sewing equipment.  Other than this, it is clean and unused.  A super set.