Offered is this sharp M43 Gimnasterka for the RKKA officer.  This Lieutenant rank blouse is cut in U.S. supplied wool and has a compliment of U.S. made resin buttons.  It is completed with a pair of wartime shoulder boards with fields also made from U.S. Lend-Lease wool, albeit a different shade.  The blouse is in good overall condition with several small picks and small holes, and a few light stains.  There is one larger hole on the right shoulder that we missed when photographing this piece.  We will update as soon as we get a chance, but this hole is hidden from view by the shoulder board.  This blouse has a couple of minor customizations.   Light shoulder padding has been added to the shoulders, which is a fairly common modification to smarten up the look during wear.  A small snap button has been added to the base of the neck closure as well.  A very nice garment.

Shoulder top seam to top seam- 45cm
Arm Length (Armpit to Cuff)-46cm
Chest Width (Armpit to Armpit)-49cm
Overall Length (Top of collar to bottom of skirt)-82cm
Neck Circumference-37cm