Offered is this interesting Plasch-Palatka (Tent/Poncho).  I have had a comparable example in my own collection for many years, but this is the first time I have run across another.  It has some details that are unique to the particular factory that made them.  To be brief, these would be the manner in which the large radius drawstring for the shoulders is sewn in, and the fact that it has metal eyelets at the exit for the small radius drawstring that forms the hood.  This example also has a lot of empty stitch hole lines, suggesting it was made of recycled canvas from another Plasch or the like.

The colors are strong, with minimal fading and no major holes, tears, or repairs.  All four corner grommets are intact.  Unusual is that the grommets are only thread made.  More often, Plasch from the prewar years have leather on one side. This one has never had any. This specimen is missing all the wooden toggles.