Offered is this interesting pair of Mauser pouches that have been modified for use in the immediate post war era. These are wartime produces Mauser K98k pouches that have been factory cut down to two pocket, the D-ring eliminated, and the belt loop moved. These were a bit of a mystery until I did a lot of digging in past threads on the Wehrmacht Awards Forum. Seems these pouches were modified shortly after the war for use by the newly created Austrian Gendarme. Here is the link if interested: GBA

Examples of these pouches can be found carrying the mark GBA 1947 (Gendarmerie-Bekleidungsanstalt 1947) in red ink on the inside of the pouch lid. In the pair offered here, the remains of such a stamp can just be seen under one of the flaps, and would appear that an attempt has been made to scrape out the postwar nomenclature. Regardless, the pouches are unused otherwise and in superb condition. There wartime origins is confirmed by the matching RB Numbers on the reverse side. An interesting variation that would make a nice addition to a K98k collection.