Offered is this very attractive tunic.  This tunic is a factory M40 field type tunic that has been enhanced by the owner back to the M36 style.  This 41 dated tunic retains a 5 button front, so it was made sometime in the first half of 1941.  The collar has been covered in green badge cloth, and likewise an earlier style breast eagle has been added, also backed in green badge cloth.  All insignia are hand sewn as result.  This tunic is complete and free of and significant damage.  There is one small hole and some delicate mothing and general wear to the wool nap in places, but nothing really detracting.  The interior liner is complete and intact, with a few areas of wear in the typical places.  The tunic has been further enhanced with the addition of a leather reinforced slit for the wear of a sword or sidearm. Very attractive