Offered is this exceptional belt and buckle rig.  This item was just picked up in our local area  from the daughter and son-in-law of the U.S. Vet.   Luftwaffe tropical rigs are rare in any condition, but this one leaves little to be desired unless you only settle for mint condition.  The buckle is a leather tabbed, tan painted buckle, marked for the Noelle & Hueck firm of Luedenscheid, and is dated 1942.  The buckle is initialed between the tab leather layers “AH”.

The belt is sized 85 cm on the brown, pebbled leather adjustment tab and is maker marked to the P. D. Luneschloss firm of Solingen. Like the buckle, it is 1942 dated as well. The belt is of the variation with tip terminated in olive cotton tape for added protection against fraying.

This buckle and belt combination are in excellent condition with the buckle rating 90% for paint finish. All leather is in good condition and both piece demonstrate only limited wear and just the right amount of patina for a “one look” original.