This Luftwaffe fliegerbluse was  a recent pick up from one of our regular sources.  This blouse  shows moderate wear throughout, with typical nap wear and a few small holes.  It is fully badged for an  Fallschirmjaeger Obergefreiter. There is some damage to the right (when worn) shoulder board, but the pair is of a very uncommon, late war type.  They are of the style that are backed with a red fabric strip, which is not often encountered.   It is evident that the breast eagle on this tunic is the only one that has ever been machine sewn to the tunic.  However, the eagle, collar tabs, and the cloth FJ badge appear to have been sewn at the same time with the same thread.  It is certainly possible that this tunic originally had a hand sewn breast eagle, with stitching that did not pass through to the liner.  As such, this tunic may have been collector/dealer restored at some point as FJ.  We have priced the tunic accordingly.  Based on the style of eagle in the FJ badge in cloth found on this tunic, the badge seems to be of the “Type 3” style with some variability to the top of the wreath.  As part of the restoration of this tunic, a small square of wool was cut out of the reverse side of the front closure.  We suspect that this material was used to make the looks for the shoulder boards.