Offered for your consideration is this very rare piece of Soviet ordinance.  These were incendiary munitions for the Soviet 125mm glass ball thrower or the  “Ampulomet”. An obscure and primitive launcher that hurled these balls by means of a 12 guage shotgun shell.

These come expertly deactivated and rendered inert. All retain the the raised ring around the fill hole.  More often than not, this is shattered away by less careful deactivation.  I have a few pieces that area as complete as has ever been offered to my knowledge.  With each of these, you get the glass ball, the original glass plug, and two pieces of the original transport dunnage.  These consist of a black rubber disk and a smaller, grey rubber gasket.  The black disks are rather stiff, and I will warn you… they smell absolutely terrible.  However, they have the “OTK” inspection stamp and a 1938 date in red ink.  The grey gaskets are soft an pliable and made of what seems to be the soft rubber that Soviet gas masks of the period are made from.  The glass stopper will show some chips around the top edge from where they were separated from the ball.