We picked this tunic up at the TMCA show in Nashville a year or so ago with the intent of finishing up the restoration.  We have since decided, we don’ t have the band width to take it on.  This was a stripped tunic that someone started work on, but did not complete.  The button application, rank chevron, awards loops and breast eagle are all part of the restoration effort.  The eagle was machine sewn by opening up the liner at the closure facing and then resewing it.  The chevron is machine sewn, but starting to come off as the person doing the work got too close to the edge.  All of this work, the button sewing, and a few hole repairs were all done with the same thread.  Were we to take this on, we would completely start over.  The work is presentable, but a skilled hand could do better.   The tunic is in solid condition, but is missing the shoulder board loops, and the interior belt support straps.  The grey artificial silk liner is in good condition otherwise and the tunic is RBNr. marked.  It is a decent size for torso display.