Offered is this Heer side cap for and Infantry enlisted man.  The cap itself is very clean, showing minimal use, probably not issued by the Heer.  Based on the interior markings, this cap got a second life of sorts in the Soviet film industry as there is a Russian cinema mark inside.  The exterior shows three holes. Two are small, but there is one above the eagle’s wing that is more significant.  There is also some wool knap grazing in places across the cap body, but nothing terrible. It has a Lago-Berlin maker mark, sized 54,  and is 1941 dated.  It also contains the correct Berlin depot stamp, albeit a bit faint.  The vent grommets are the painted type and are correct in construction.  There are also several pen ink annotations from its time in Russian hands.  The insignia on this cap are all hand applied, including the soutache.  This is not uncommon for such Lago made caps, but in this case each is applied in a different thread color and the stitches do not appear to have been done by the same hand, as they vary. Whether this is work of the theater, earlier or later I cannot say.  I make no claims that these insignia are original to the cap.  In addition, the soutache is applied correctly through holes in the field grey wool near the bottom of the cap face. It had been lightly stitched on, and further anchored with field grey thread 1/3 the way up from the bottom.  The wearer’s right side soutache end had come unattached at the base and simply tucked back into the mounting hole in the wool.  This cap has a few issues, but it is well marked, the components are all original in and of themselves, and still a decent specimen.