Offered as a complete uniform, is this tunic, trousers and visor hat for a Lieutenant of the Heer transportation branch.  An uncommon service branch to find, here is an opportunity to acquire the basic uniform and matching visor cap.  The tunic and trousers are in excellent condition, displaying some moderate wear and some light soiling. Very nice insignia in typical officer bullion with corn flour blue waffenfarbe.  The tunic is set up with a couple of awards loops on and above the left pocket.

The visor cap is complete, but does demonstrate a bit more wear that the uniform items. The sweat shield is cracked and there is some liner separation above the visor area interior and a fracture to the cork pad underneath.  The chin cord has taken a somewhat yellow hue, but is complete and intact.  The cap insignia are both stamped metal type, with the rosette having a red felt center.  The hat still presents very well and had a nice solid exterior. Clearly it has been worn quite a bit.