Offered is this 1st model tropical helmet for the Heer.  This example is more or less complete, but has been diminished somewhat by poor storage.  The crown is solid with no dents, and the brim is holding its shape well, but there are some stressed areas in the rear that have resulted in some cracks to the cork.  There is also a stain across the rear brim where the chin strap was stored for the last few decades. The edge binding is dry, with cracks and loss in several areas.   The chinstrap is dry, but complete. It does have some surface cracks, but is still holding together well.  The helmet has a pair of nicely aged shields showing good patina.  The liner is intact, but there is some significant chaffing all around, and one area about 25cm long where it has worn through to the liner band.  The reverse of the liner leather is marked “MM 1941”. and sized 56.