• We are thrilled to be able to offer such a rare and historic piece.  This enlisted tunic and helmet shell are for a member of the U.S. 372nd Infantry regiment.  The 372nd Infantry regiment was a part of the U.S. 93rd infantry division, a segregated unit comprised of African-American rank and file and white officers.  However in WW1, the 93rd did not fight a s contiguous unit.  The 372nd regiment was allocated to the French 157th Infantry Division "Red Hand Division" and was under French command.  The helmet is just the shell, with the felt pad intact.  It still carries a nice "Bloody Hand" insignia.  The tunic is in excellent condition with a hole just in front of the right (when worn) epaulet.  It carries the rank 0f  an infantry corporal and carries a blue Adrian helmet shoulder insignia.  The tunic does have a name tag, but so far, we have not been able to make anything out from the old, fountain pen writing.
  • U.S. Army Aircorp Crusher Cap, sourced locally to us.  This cap is in good condition over all, but does show it's use and wear.  There is some thread separation to the visor and one area of the sweatband.    The cap is attributed to a 1st Lt. A.K. Roy of Stearns, KY. from the 427th  bomber squadron, 303rd bombardment group of the 8th Airforce, Molesworth Englang.  This information is penned onto a piece of masking tape in the hat interior, over the celluloid sweat diamond.  We are not sure when it was added.  However, the unit information checks out. Could be period or, possibly the vet or a family member added it later.  A classic hat.
  • Offered is this uncommon version of the M1941 field jacket.  This extended length cut version is often referred to as the "Arctic" version.  This jacket has had the sleeves shortened, and missing the gathering straps as result, but it is in good condition otherwise.  There is a repair to right sleeve elbow, and there is typical spotting and staining from use.  The "Conmar" zipper is functional and the front closure is missing a button.  The left sleeve is adorned with the patch of the 82nd Airborne Division. In our opinion, the patch is a period applications.
  • A set of buttons to a U.S. Officer's green wool dress tunic.  Nice spares if you need them.
  • Offered is this uncommon accessory for the U.S. Army Officer's Trench Coat.  This is the removable hood for this coat, not to be confused with the much more common removable hood for the M43 Combat Jacket.  This example is unmarked, but is complete.  Unissued condition, with all the buttons and drawstring.
  • Offered is this U.S. Navy AN6540 model flight helmet.  In good condition overall, this is a nice specimen of this model helmet.  The chinstrap is a bit dry with some crazing to the tanned surface, but the helmet body, rubber ear cups, and chamois liner are all in good condition.  Size is medium and the contract tag is present in the interior
  • Some slight staining to the satin liner is all that keep this EM overseas cap from being as perfect as it could get. Still, I'll call this one mint condition. Size 7 1/4, with a super enamel D.I. for the 25th Armored Infantry Battalion.
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