• Offered is a rare piece of early postwar unit history of one of America's fabled combat units.  This is the "Epic of the 101st Airborne".    This unit history was published in 1945, shortly after the end of action for the unit.  The book chronicles the path of the 101st airborne from activation until the end of the war in Europe.  This specimen is well aged, with staining and wear throughout, and the rear cover has separated off the spiral bind. It looks repairable.
  • Offered is this excellent copy of the U.S. Army technical manual for the M1918A1 Thompson Sub-Machine Gun (Tommy Gun).  Some staple rust, but complete.  This is an early version of the updated manual that has the added material supplied as a smaller format insert to the basic manual.  The insert is marked for Fort Meade, South Dakota, and dated 1942.
  • A neat grouping attributed to a single individual.  This lot includes various flight training materials and is named to Aviation Cadet William E. Pond.  The lot consists of a selection of small booklets detailing various weather conditions, as well as two larger books.  These are a flight charting book and an Air Navigation Workbook.  The larger books have some of Cadet Pond's training work completed inside.
  • Offered is this standard issue, U.S. Signals Corp Message Book.  This specimen is slightly used with a few annotated pages, a couple loose.  Mostly it is unused, with many empty pages.
  • Issued and partially used U.S. War Ration booklets are very common. These however are not.  These are War Ration Book 2, and they are unissued and unfolded, as received new to issue agencies from the Office of Price Administration (OPA).  We have quite a few, and if you order more than one, we may be able to provide sequential serial numbers.  An uncommon find for the U.S. home front collector.
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