• We have taken some new photos, and revised the price... Here is a chance at a uniform item that rarely comes to market. This is a woman's M35 pattern service dress in field grade khaki cotton material. Per 1941 regulation changes this dress has factory sewn M41 subdued collar tabs in olive green. These are absolutely original to the collar. On the left sleeve in a 1935 regulation pilots sleeve insignia embroidered in full bullion wire thread. It is on a khaki backing which is correct for this cotton field uniform. The originality of the sleeve insignia to the dress cannot be guaranteed. This could have been added as an embellishment by a former owner and there is just know way to be certain without taking it loose. The buttons are an assortment of resewn buttons and replacements. All buttons are wartime vintage, and I suspect that the 3 of 4 front closure buttons in subdued green stand the most chance of being original to the dress given that the dress was made in compliance to the 1941 regulation changes. Interesting is that there are small rust stains on the shoulders under the collar. This indicates that this dress was updated to carry shoulder boards per the 1943 regulation changes. Overall, the dress in is good condition. There is fading to the base fabric and various stains found through out. There is also some minor corner separation at the most of the pockets which could be easily mended. A nice example of a hard to find uniform type.
  • Offered here is a nice example of the M43 Gymnasterka made from U.S. Lend-Lease supplied mustard colored wool. As often seen with this style, larger, should board buttons have been used throughout. The top most collar closure button is a replacement that is of the rimless, full dome style. All the others are matched rimmed type buttons. Other than a minor hole in the lower front, this blouse is in superb condition, even has a set of white cotton cuff liners tacked in to the cuffs. This blouse has had the shoulder board loops removed, but I will supply the buyer with a set of loops in the same U.S. wool material to match the tunic. I can also provide a replacement button for the collar closure that will match the balance of the buttons.
  • This is a nice cap for the reenactor or living history enthusiast. This wool constructed pilotka is an early postwar piece made by the famous "Red Warrior" factory. It is constructed identical to it's wartime counterpart in every regard. A field worn cap, this pilotka has some staining and a few small pick holes. Size is about 57
  • Offered is this interesting pilotka from the postwar era. Not something I typically mess with, but this one is quite unique. The former owner has made numerous annotations to the interior, which include a skillful rendering of a small ship. Quite unusual, and an interesting piece. Size is 59cm
  • Offered is this padded jacket and trouser combination of the German Heimkehrer (Homecomer).  These items are typical of the work wear supplied to German POW's by their Soviet captors. These uniforms can be found in dark gray, blue, and black as is this example.  Often sold as Soviet military telogriekas as there is some evidence of black colored jackets utilized by the Red Army.  However, there is a disproportionate number of these to be found in Germany still today, and ample photographic evidence from Bundesarchiv to show such uniforms were worn home by returning German POWs in the late 1940's and early 1950's in great numbers. The condition of surviving examples can vary greatly, but this set is hardly worn.  The cotton construction is solid throughout.  The trousers are complete, but the jacket is missing all of the buttons.  I can supply a set of typical period buttons to complete the jacket if the buyer wishes.   An interesting ensemble would make a nice bookend to a German Landser collection.
  • Offered is this sharp M43 Gimnasterka for the RKKA officer.  This Lieutenant rank blouse is cut in U.S. supplied wool and has a compliment of U.S. made resin buttons.  It is completed with a pair of wartime shoulder boards with fields also made from U.S. Lend-Lease wool, albeit a different shade.  The blouse is in good overall condition with several small picks and small holes, and a few light stains.  There is one larger hole on the right shoulder that we missed when photographing this piece.  We will update as soon as we get a chance, but this hole is hidden from view by the shoulder board.  This blouse has a couple of minor customizations.   Light shoulder padding has been added to the shoulders, which is a fairly common modification to smarten up the look during wear.  A small snap button has been added to the base of the neck closure as well.  A very nice garment. Measurements: Shoulder top seam to top seam- 45cm Arm Length (Armpit to Cuff)-46cm Chest Width (Armpit to Armpit)-49cm Overall Length (Top of collar to bottom of skirt)-82cm Neck Circumference-37cm  
  • Offered is this Soviet Ssh-39 helmet.  This example is a size 2, and the date can be made out to be "39".  This helmet has received a darker green overpaint during its life.  There is nothing broken or cracked, but this helmet does have a small hole drilled through the brim as if it was being hung on a nail at some point.  The chinstrap is a postwar replacement that has had the metal tip removed to approximate the type that was typically applied to these early Ssh-39s.  This is a unique opportunity to obtain an Ssh-39 with the early graylex liner at an affordable price.
  • Soviet Ssh-40...   This Helmet is the archetype construction of the 1944-1945 period, that is it has the undyed, natural colored chinstrap.  It has the proper LMZ factory stamp and is a Size 1.  All liner pads are intact and of the proper wartime material and construction. The shell retains a lot of original paint and plenty of patina.  The top of the dome there is a stress fracture, which is not uncommon on these size 1 shells.  Despite the fracture, this helmet is a textbook specimen of a late war Ssh-40, and one we can offer at an attractive price.
  • Telogrieka

    Long cut telogrieka with fall collar. This example is in nice condition, with only and easily repaired seam separation of about 1 inch in the rear of the left sleeve union. Black exterior with a dark grey interior, 4 button front closure, and made with no cuff buttons. There is one external, patch pocket. This type of Telogrieka has been debated on various forums, but in my opinion (and I think facts support this) this garment was issued to German POWs by their Soviet captors. Numerous Budesarchiv photos show POWs returning home in large number, with many wearing such clothing. Known in Germany as a "Heimkehrerjacke" or "Homecommer's Jacket" for that very reason. Was this the exclusive issue of such a telogrieka? Such is really unknown.
  • The classic Soviet winter wear with a twist. This short waist telogreika in black cotton fabric is one variation of the jacket issued to German POWs held in the Soviet Union. These jackets exist in both short cut, collarless types (as this one once was), and in a longer cut style with a fall collar. These are seen in black, gray, and blue colors and are basically Soviet utilitarian worker's clothes. Like this one, many of these were worn home in the 1950's when the German POWs were released from captivity. This one has been customized by a former owner. As this jacket was originally without a collar, a large fall collar has been added in a soft black fleece material. Other modifications include the removal of the take up belt across the lower back and the cuff closures have been sewn shut. This jacket is a five button front, one of which is missing and one original button is replaced. However three of the original jacket buttons are present. These are in the same construction style as Soviet military buttons, but lack the Soviet national symbol on the button faces. This example is in exceptionally good condition
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