• Offered is this Heer Enlisted man's M43 combat tunic.  This example is salty, but complete.  All insignia appears to have been restored.  A smaller size, dimensions to follow soon.
  • We are pleased to offer this super Luftwaffe uniform set.  This group consists of a pair of blue wool, custom tailored trousers, and Fliegerbluse.  The Fliegerbluse is fully badge for a Oberfeldwebel of flight, including an NCO pilot's badge in cloth.  All the insignia on this blouse appear to be period sewn.  There are also applied awards loops to the left breast area.  The overall condition of this pair is extremely nice.  There is no mothing apparent, but one expert repaired hole in the right shoulder.  Generally, both items were  well maintained.  We will note, that this tunic is quite small and looks to be shortened at the skirt.  Not a surprise for a pilot or air crewman.  Please see the size block stamp to the interior for the specifics. The trousers have a 43 date and a Dresden tailor's maker stamp in the waist.  They show obvious use, but remain in solid condition.  There are a few well executed repairs to be found.  Most notable are one repaired hole, a repaired pocket pouch liner, and the inside of the leg cuffs have been reinforced.  The trousers are cut in a darker blue than the tunic.
  • The insignia for these sport shirts are fairly common, but this small format type is not as easy to find.  Either way, complete sports shirts are much more difficult to find.  From a recent buy, we are pleased to be able to offer this complete sport shirt for a member of the Luftwaffe.  Some soiling from age and use, but a nice specimen.
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    This Luftwaffe fliegerbluse was  a recent pick up from one of our regular sources.  This blouse  shows moderate wear throughout, with typical nap wear and a few small holes.  It is fully badged for an  Fallschirmjaeger Obergefreiter. There is some damage to the right (when worn) shoulder board, but the pair is of a very uncommon, late war type.  They are of the style that are backed with a red fabric strip, which is not often encountered.   It is evident that the breast eagle on this tunic is the only one that has ever been machine sewn to the tunic.  However, the eagle, collar tabs, and the cloth FJ badge appear to have been sewn at the same time with the same thread.  It is certainly possible that this tunic originally had a hand sewn breast eagle, with stitching that did not pass through to the liner.  As such, this tunic may have been collector/dealer restored at some point as FJ.  We have priced the tunic accordingly.  Based on the style of eagle in the FJ badge in cloth found on this tunic, the badge seems to be of the "Type 3" style with some variability to the top of the wreath.  As part of the restoration of this tunic, a small square of wool was cut out of the reverse side of the front closure.  We suspect that this material was used to make the looks for the shoulder boards.
  • Officer's Aiguillette or shoulder braid as worn with dress and parade uniforms.  This example has one braided section and ferrule.  The ferrule has some cracking, but remains together.
  • Aluminum wire brain with black accents, this Aiguillette appears to be for one of the German paramilitary or civil organizations.  This example has no ferrules, but appears to be the type without.
  • This pair of trousers for NSKK Enlisted ranks are in fabulous condition.  Complete and with no major issues... or many minor ones for that matter.  Suitable for your NSKK ensemble, or a inexpensive place holder for your Panzer collection.
  • Offered is this rather rare version of the M44 Feldbluse, as it is made for the Luftwaffe.  This example has some minor mothing on one of the collar faces, and has had 3 of the 4 belt ramp straps cut out.  Other than these issues, it remains quite a presentable specimen.  The exterior is in good condition and is complemented with the Luftwaffe breast eagle and a pair of Luftwaffe EM shoulder boards.  Other than the missing interior straps, the remaining liner is in good condition and is size marked.
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    EM Overcoat

    Heavy, blanket lined version without belt ramp slots. This coat has seen only light wear. There is some soiling that the photo lighting brings out, but it is quite faint in hand.  This coat has an integral hood built into the outside collar edge.  Maker marked and sized on the pocket interior.  The coat is quite large. Overall condition is excellent.
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    Offered is this excellent greatcoat for an NCO of the Schutzpolizei.  A bit soiled from use and some wear to the wool knap, but excellent overall. It has the correct green backed boards and is for the rank of Hauptwachtmeister.  Blanket lined and well marked to the interior.  This coat does not appear to have ever had a police sleeve insignia.
  • Gorgeous rabbit fur lined Anorak/Parka attributed to the Waffen SS, with notable use by troops of the LSSAH at Kharkov.  This example is of the 2nd type. That is it is still a pullover parka, but has the added lower pockets.  This example is really nice, with some fading, but no real damage.
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    Unissued brown service shirt for the Hitler Youth.  This shirt is a bit wrinkled, but near mint otherwise.  All the original HJ/DJ buttons are present, and there is a large, white ink, RZM stamp to the interior.
  • An interesting set of carded buttons from the Third Reich period.  6 composite buttons are stitched to a display card.  The card is clearly maker marked and denotes Luftwaffe, Heer, SA, SS, and Marine use.  Card is soiled and stained from age, but remains remains complete and free of major damage or missing sections.
  • Offered is this nice uniform ensemble consisting of both tunic and trousers.  The tunic a German conversion of a Dutch tunic captured in 1940.  It has a German type collar, added as well as shoulder board.  The breast eagle is also added, but this example has an upgraded flatwire eagle instead of the standard EM type eagle most of these conversions have.  The tunic is complemented with a nice pair of matching trousers, both of a small size.  The condition of both items is excellent.
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    Offered as a complete uniform, is this tunic, trousers and visor hat for a Lieutenant of the Heer transportation branch.  An uncommon service branch to find, here is an opportunity to acquire the basic uniform and matching visor cap.  The tunic and trousers are in excellent condition, displaying some moderate wear and some light soiling. Very nice insignia in typical officer bullion with corn flour blue waffenfarbe.  The tunic is set up with a couple of awards loops on and above the left pocket. The visor cap is complete, but does demonstrate a bit more wear that the uniform items. The sweat shield is cracked and there is some liner separation above the visor area interior and a fracture to the cork pad underneath.  The chin cord has taken a somewhat yellow hue, but is complete and intact.  The cap insignia are both stamped metal type, with the rosette having a red felt center.  The hat still presents very well and had a nice solid exterior. Clearly it has been worn quite a bit.
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