• Offered is this nice, later issue Hitler Youth knife.  A "no motto", RZM type, marked M17/112 for the Karl Wustoff firm.  The knife is is good condition, a die cast handle and cross guard with about 50%  loss to the paint or plating.  The diamond enamel is mostly intact, with some very minor chipping.  The top grip has the typical cracks at the white corners of the diamond where it is most narrow, but the grip remains tight.   The blade has been sharpened and has had some cleaning as well.  The leather washer is intact.  The scabbard is in good condition, with a nice and uncommon blued steel body.  The leather is in good condition as well.   The snap on the cross strap functions, but is missing the decorative trim cap from the topside.
  • These Kriegsmarine signal flags do not come to market that often. This flag is "Caesar" or the letter "C".  This specimen is a bit soiled and has a few moth holes to the wool construction, but is complete otherwise.  Both corner cleats are present, and the flag is well marked on the bunting, complete with the Kriegsmarine "Eagle M"
  • Unfinished swastika flag center from the standard party/national flag
  • Unfinished swastika flag center from the standard party/national flag
  • An interesting set of carded buttons from the Third Reich period.  6 composite buttons are stitched to a display card.  The card is clearly maker marked and denotes Luftwaffe, Heer, SA, SS, and Marine use.  Card is soiled and stained from age, but remains remains complete and free of major damage or missing sections.
  • Trench Art Vase made from a 75mm shell casing.   This shell case vase was bought in a lot that came out of Germany  last summer, and was offered as POW art.  German or American POW, we do not know.  It does appear to be an American shell casing, but that sheds little light on who actually made it.   Heavily fluted at the base, with a floral motif at the top, the piece stands about 14 inches tall.  The top opening has gotten slightly crushed at some time, resulting in an oblong top and a fracture in the brass.  Still a very presentable piece.
  • Offered is this late war K98k bayonet frog.  This is the all leather, "skeletal" type.  Condition is fair, with dry leather and a missing cross strap.  It remains a representative example of this hard to find bayonet frog.
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