• Wartime ephemera such as this Christmas decoration are nearly impossible to find.  This Christmas star was intended to be purchased and shipped vie Feldpost to a loved one in service to decorate a barracks or bunker for the holiday season.  Supplied in kit form with full instructions, hardware, and assembly tool.  Other than the tool and metal hardware, the star is constructed entirely of paper.   A rare item that would make a great addition to any collection.  Feldpost shipping box is roughly 10x5x5 inches.  All components are in excellent condition.
  • Offered is this well used, but intact Truppen-Ausweis cover. Constructed in black simulated leather, with celluloid pockets to the interior for the prewar era Truppen-Ausweis. The celluloid is intact with no cracking. The exterior shows signs of frequent use, mostly spine wear to the back fold of the cover. A good specimen of an uncommon ID document cover.
  • Here is a nice, representative photo album for a member of the ReichsArbeitsdienst or RAD.  Several pages of general RAD service and time in the occupied territories of the Soviet Union.
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