• The carmine red color of these officer's tabs can be attributed to both the Veterinary branch as well as officer's of the general staff. Possibly the details of the litzen is the clue. These tabs are in super condition. The is one small moth nip to the reverse of one tab, but that is the only appreciable damage. The tabs are clean and unused, likely unissued.
  • Another interesting pair of Officer's collar tabs for your consideration. These are for a Heer Administrative Officer and are in good overall condition. These tabs are tunic removed and do have some minor mothing to one tab in the green field. The wire thread making up the litzen is interesting as it is quite heavy in composition. There is some soiling and corner wear to the white piping.
  • Unissued Collar Tabs for a Signals branch enlisted man. Clean, unmounted, excellent condition.
  • Unissued Collar Tabs for a Panzer branch enlisted man. Clean, unmounted, excellent condition.
  • Offered is an uncommon pair of officer's collar tabs for Nebel troops (Smoke/Rocket). These tabs are complete and based on the backs, they might have been mounted to a board or scrapbook as some point. There is some tarnish to the bullion thread and oxidation to the cross braids over the ends of the litzen. There is also some mothing to the waffenfarbe centers on one of the tabs. Still, they are complete without any glaring damage, and this is a fairly rare service branch to find.
  • This is a standard pair of Officer's sewn in type shoulderboard in the colors of the Artillery branch. The condition is good over all, but all the regimental numbers and rank devices are missing. There are ghosts of two different regiment numbers and for a single rank pip. Possibly promoted and reassigned. A useful pair for a tunic restoration, or a fun board restoration
  • Offered is this nice pair of Panzer Officer's boards for a 1st Lt. The boards show minor wear, but are in fine condition otherwise. They are also in a desirable slip-on configuration. Nice!
  • A desirable Corporal rank chevron for the Heer Panzerwaffe. Aluminum braid on black wool. The edges are a bit wavy, suggesting it is tunic removed. One corner is slightly clipped.
  • Out of stock
    A nice pair of mint, unissued Heer signal blitz insignia. One is yellow for signals, the other pale blue for motor transport
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