General Information:

Thank you for your interest in consigning with Frontovik Militaria (FM). If you are a collector, it is our desire to help you get the best return on your militaria collecting investment. If you are a veteran, or the family or relative of a veteran, you deserve to get top dollar for these hard won trophies. Your best opportunity for getting the most for these items is consignment with a knowledgeable and reputable seller. We would love the opportunity to assist you. There are many militaria dealers open to accepting consignments. However, we have a few assurances that set us apart from the others as follows:

  • Located in the United States – Our principle U.S. client base will not have to sent material outside the borders of the Continental U.S.A. to list on a highly visible internet venue
  • You get a written agreement showing the list of consigned items, the agreed pricing, and our obligations to you regarding the terms of sale.
  • While held by Frontovik Militaria, your collectibles are insured against theft and damage. This includes our office premises, show venues, and our transit in between.

Terms & Conditions:

FM will only accept original items for consignment and reserve the right to refuse any item in doubt.

We will consider some post-WW2 material on a limited, case by case basis if the items have some desirability in the collecting or living history/reenactment market. They will be listed and priced for what they truly are. Reproductions will not be accepted for consignment.

The initial selling price will be will be established to your understanding and agreement. If you are unsure of an item’s fair market value, we will work to correctly value the item for you and assist in setting an agreeable initial price. We make every effort to back up our valuations with comparison examples to insure your satisfaction.

FM’s basic consignment period is 6 months, after which it becomes month to month. After the initial 6 month period, the consignment will continue until you choose to end the consignment

FM offers two modes of consignment, these being On-Site Consignment and a limited Remote Consignment.

On-Site is a consignment in which we take possession of the consigned material and hold it as part of our inventory. This is the traditional and preferred method as it allows immediate access to the items for photography, questions from potential buyers, and the ability to display the item at any collector shows we may attend during the consignment period. The fee for On-Site Consignment is 18% of the final selling price.

All items accepted for On-Site consignment fully insured against theft and damage through Collectibles Insurance Services, LLC while in the possession of Frontovik Militaria. Collectibles Insurance Services, LLC is a leading insurer of private collections and dealer inventories, and Frontovik Militaria’s policy information will be provided at your request.

Remote is a consignment in which the owner retains possession of the consigned material. Remote consignment is only considered on a case by case basis, and is usually limited to clients within close proximity to the office of Frontovik militaria. All cases will be considered however. The fee for Remote Consignment will be determined based on the conditions of the consignment and finalized at the time of agreement.

Consignment Terms – PDF     Consignment Agreement – PDF     Insurance Policy Info. – PDF     Blank Consignment List – PDF