Let me introduce myself…… My name is Michael Baskette. This website represents the culmination of a life-long interest in military history. I have been active in the militaria collecting hobby and an avid scale modeler for over 30 years. My primary area of interest is the war on WWII’s Eastern Front from 1941-1945. My personal collecting focus is on Soviet combat related uniforms, hmembereadgear, and equipment, with a strong interest in Soviet steel helmets. To complement my Soviet material, I maintain a strong representation of the Axis powers engaged on the eastern front as well, primarily Germany, Hungary & Romania. As a side, I am also interested in the American home front and dabble in rationing related material, and items associated with the WWII era Office of Civil Defense. Many viewing this site may recognize my name as I have made many friends through my hobbies over the years. I am a life member of the Ohio Valley Military Society, and I have been active in the Military Modeler’s Club of Louisville for 23 years. In addition, many will know me from my former position as U.S. Sales manager for Ostfront Militaria.

I am also active on several of the web forums, Primarily the Wehrmacht Awards Forum and War Relics Forum, and occasionally a couple of the others. My nickname across all forums in which I participate is “Wesley’s Dad”. In addition to the forums, I am active on several Facebook militaria hobby and Buy/Sell pages. Similarly, I do sell on eBay from time to time and my user name is “Frontovik41”. So if you are considering an item offered under this user name in one of these venues you can be confident that it is me you are dealing with.


Frontovik’s neweseanst team member…We welcome Sean Greene on board as our Social Media Sales Specialist. Sean is a young, but avid and knowledgeable collector with a keen interest in German helmets, tropical uniforms and kit. Sean is instrumental in helping Frontovik reach a new generation of collectors through social media platforms su
ch as Facebook. Within Facebook, Sean is the principle creator of the “WW1/WW2 For Sale” and “German Helmets of the Second World War”, two popular Facebook buy/sell/trade pages.

On these Facebook pages, you can expect to find Sean offering Frontovik inventory, as well as his own, to the Facebook collecting community. In the event you notice something for sale on Facebook (or other venues), that also appears on www.frontovik.com, rest assured that Sean is acting in his capacity as an official representaive of Frontovik Militaria.