Latest Update: 10/28

October 28th:  Posted tonight are the first group from the k98 bayonet collection we bought, plus several other pieces of German equipment.  Finally, a really nice Soviet Ssh-39 with early type liner, pressed into Luftschutz service.

September 17th:  A modest group of smalls has been added tonight, along with a rare WW1 uniform pair.

July 29th: Fresh update today after a couple of slow months.  Please see the new items page in the shop for all the new items.

April 25th:  Web update today!  7 items added, including 3 nice German helmets, Luftwaffe sports shirt, and an early Luftwaffe ground crewman’s HBT side cap.

March 25th: Today’s update included several pieces  headgear, mess hall china, and various bits of field gear

March 16th: Several new pieces of headgear were added today along with a few other odds and ends.  The photos have been refreshed for a few older items still hanging around.

March 10th: Today’s update includes a nice selection of German headgear, a few pieces of cut-off insignia, and a rare, wartime Soviet snow suit.

See these in the “New Items” area under the “Shop” menu tab above.

Items for sale at Frontovik Militaria are offered in their historical context, and for their historical value. In no way does Frontovik Militaria subscribe to the beliefs or ideologies held by the nations, organizations and governments that produced many of these items. These include: National Socialist Germany, the Soviet Union and Fascist Italy. Likewise, Frontovik Militaria does not support nor affiliate with any modern organization subscribing to these beliefs and ideologies.

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