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May 10th, 2016

5/10 Update:  The new continues to roll out with items being added almost every day.  30 items from our existing inventory were added back yesterday with more to come.  We have also listed several new helmets and uniform items from recent pick ups.

4/27 Update: We are up and running with no issues.  New and existing inventory is being added at a ever increasing rate. We are working our way up stream in our inventory list so there is no order to which items are being added other than descending SKU numbers.  So keep a watch on your favorite categories for updates.



Items for sale at Frontovik Militaria are offered in their historical context, and for their historical value. In no way does Frontovik Militaria subscribe to the beliefs or ideologies held by the nations, organizations and governments that produced many of these items. These include: National Socialist Germany, the Soviet Union and Fascist Italy. Likewise, Frontovik Militaria does not support nor affiliate with any modern organization subscribing to these beliefs and ideologies.

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