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Sept 5th, 2016

10/6 Update: Several Soviet helmets added tonight, along with a couple of pieces of field gear.

9/5  Update:  Several new items added tonight, across many categories. Highlights include a super pair of Soviet EM trousers, a very nice Ssh40 helmet, and a pair of Soviet padded winter trousers as well. Several inexpensive smalls added to several categories.  We are working on a “New Items” listing format as well, so in the near future, it will be much easier to view the most recent items.





Items for sale at Frontovik Militaria are offered in their historical context, and for their historical value. In no way does Frontovik Militaria subscribe to the beliefs or ideologies held by the nations, organizations and governments that produced many of these items. These include: National Socialist Germany, the Soviet Union and Fascist Italy. Likewise, Frontovik Militaria does not support nor affiliate with any modern organization subscribing to these beliefs and ideologies.

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